Dan Saunders - Head Captain and crew

Interesting fact is that folk music, like Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Pete Seeger, etc., is making a huge comeback!  My acoustic gigs focus mainly on that tradition and I find that more and more people are requesting those songs and my 12-string style!  The awesome thing is I was there and come from that era!  What an amazing piece of history that I can share and bring to life!


Music has always been an integral part of my life and I have a passionate desire to share it.  I have been playing and singing since I was 10 years old.  I learned the violin and started singing in 4th Grade.  Guitar lessons soon followed and playing and singing soon took up more and more of my time.  In High School, I was part of an award-winning barbershop quartet, choir, and many bands from folk to rock.  College found me as a music major where I learned form, structure, theory, and performance.  My musical life has found a balance with my life as a boat captain and scuba instructor.  In addition, I have attained a Master's Degree in Archaeology and Anthropology.  


My life in Maui is a blend of the sea and music, but lately the music has gained a louder voice.  Influences lately range from Dylan and Petty to Woody Guthrie, Miles Davis, Keith Richards to Bach and Mozart.  Eclectic is the word that comes to mind!  You can catch me all over the island of Maui these days. I have a regular Saturday night gig at Three's Bar and Grill in Kihei! So, enjoy the site and catch me when you can! Hope to see you or hear from you whenever you can!  The most recent push is going to be to follow my passion for the blues! I love that sound and the emotion captured in a screaming solo ala Stevie Ray Vaughan or Warren Haynes! Going to make a real effort to get that going!  Aloha!!