Aloha everyone!  Mahalo for all your support and interest!  Huge news!  I have retired from working as captain on the boats. This was a difficult decision and complicated by some ongoing injuries that were not getting better.  After some hernia surgery and rehabilitation, I am doing really well and feeling better than I have for literally years!!  I have finished my album! All the tracks and done and mastered. At this point, my daughter in law, Torrey Jay is completing the artwork for the cover and all that! When that is done, it is off to DiscMakers for printing and packaging and then . . . distribution! The album will be available here on my website and many many other places!  Look for it in about a month!  The title is "Too Many Miles".  You can preview some of the tracks on the audio part of my website. This has been a long time coming and many thanks to so many people.  The magician in the studio is Peter Lago who has become a good friend and is pure genius. Tried to get a live concert kind of feeling and kept it very simple with a minimum of instruments and mixing!  My favorite track at this point is "Knocking on Heaven's Door". Dylan's song of course! Peter said after we mixed it, "If you don't like this, you have no soul!" Cryptic but funny! See you at Three's Bar and Grill in Kihei on Tue, Wed and Thur plus some other odd days!  Thanks all of you!!  

Aloha everybody!  

Just sitting here reminiscing about life and things.  Mourning the passing of one of the greats, B.B. King! He has had an incredible influence on my playing and love for the blues. I had the privilege of seeing him here on Maui and was astounded and inspired by his personality and talent. I love making music and performing as we all do! I am going to, in addition to the whole folk/rock thing, be putting a little more effort into playing some more blues. Both writing some originals and doing covers! Besides, my Strat is mad at me for not playing her more! So look for some creative hard core blues to come soon, in the line of Warren Haynes, BB King, Stevie, Derek Trucks, and such! Drop me a line or see me at Threes! Love to you all!


A very very Merry Christmas or Mele Kalikimaka to all of you out there!  I have been insanely busy these last few weeks but actually get Christmas Day off.  Now I can spend the day with my family which is the best present I could get!  I hope the Holidays are good to you and your families and that Santa brings all the goodies you want, from that harley, to the Sailboat or whatever!

I have some great gigs coming up and will be playing all over the island, perhaps even a sojourn to the mainland next summer!  If I can work out the details (the devil's in the details). I am also planning some House concerts for this next year.  I did a couple last year and they were really fun and super successful!  I am getting lots of support from the Lahaina Arts Society and Lahaina Arts Association!  Mahalo all you goofy artist types!  I will also be doing more gigs in Lahaina for the Town Action Committee as well!  Studio time coming up this year as well.  I am narrowing the stylistic and interpretive aspects of my songs down to a point where I will be comfortable recording them for a CD.  Keep you posted!

So, lots going on as you can see!  Update you soon, and have the best of Holidays!  Much Aloha to all!!


Aloha everybody!  I find myself insanely busy this year!  It has been so incredible, I can barely believe it!  Many thanks to all of you who have joined me on this amazing journey!  I am still trying to figure out which songs to put on the new album, and I also have a gazillion ideas for new songs!  Right now I am going to put some Christmas songs out just for you to enjoy!  Should be fun!  Busy weekend coming up with the birthday for Lahaina Arts Society!  I will be MCing and playing on both days, plus the solid Saturday night gig at Three's Bar and Grill.  Sleep will come sometime in the distant future! Maybe!  I will be talking with you more as the holidays unwind!  See you around town!

Aloha everyone!  The new song I posted, "Hey Mighty Whaler", is trending!  Amazing!  I have never trended before!  And I have made it into the top 250 in the nation!  Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!  Thanks to all of you who have supported me and follow along with all my misadventures!  Puts lots of pressure on me to keep going and write some more!  I have 5 more songs that are in various stages of completion!  Some bluesy songs, more folk types, and one rock with a rap section in it!  That one is very intriguing!  I will throw them up for you to enjoy pretty soon.  The next step is to organize them into an album/cd and put it on iTunes for you to actually get for yourselves.  So, lots and lots happening as you can see!!  Summer is stacking up to be very busy!  See you around town!  Mahalo!!!


Aloha!  Starting this week, I will be playing Saturday nights at Three's Bar and Grill in Kihei!  Seems I am gaining somewhat of a following and they are recognizing this by making me the headliner act in the lounge every weekend.  What an honor!  I am super stoked and will be working extra hard to bring good music to you all!  I also have three new songs that I am working on that should be in the recording stage within the next week or so!  I will post them for your feedback and enjoyment as I get them worked out!  Thank you for all of the support and encouragement!  It means a lot and I am more inspired because of it!   

Mahalo nui loa,


Wow!  Soooo much going on!  Got the Wednesday slot at Three's Bar and Grill in Kihei!  I will be in the lounge, la ti da, from 5:30 to 9:00pm every week.  Also, I will be playing at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, the MACC, this weekend.  Foot in the door for sure!  Also, I am in the final negotiations for a recording contract with LikeWater Entertainment!  They want to sign me for an honest to God record deal!  I didn't think that even happened any more!  Remember, dreams do come true!!  More as things develop!

I am so excited!  Just finished a collaboration with Derrik ($Bags) Brown, a hip hop artist from Minneapolis, Like Water Entertainment.  He heard me singing under the Banyan Tree and we hooked up right there.  His new release is going to be called, "The World to Me" titled after the lyrics I wrote for the song.  It represents the latest trend in collaboration between two distinctly different styles and i must say, crazy exciting along the designs of Eminem and Rihanna.  We finished filming some shots for the music video down on the Black Sand Beach at sunset!  Thanks to the production team of my daughter, Val, and her video and sound guys, Jah and Josh!  True pros!  I cannot wait for the final mix down and music to be mastered!  I will preview it here and on my Facebook Page as well as all over iTunes, YouTube, and local radio stations!  More later!  


Aloha!  Mele Kalikimaka e Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!  That means Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Hawaii.  Yep, the sky has lots of sunshine and the stars shine at night!  Lots to do this year!  Making some changes, some hard, some welcome, but all are leading us to a good place.  I hope that you all have the happiest of Holidays and that the New Year finds you with abundance, family, friends, and love.  

I am keeping the faith and putting lots of effort and time in developing the Folk aspect of my music.  The result has been amazing!  Not too many people doing classic folk-type of music in Hawaii.  I love Hawaiian Music and play it very often, but no one, or very few, are bringing the folk roots to the people over here.  I believe it brings an important aspect to how our music and culture developed and love to see people recognize that in the songs that we and our parents and grandparents grew up with!  Anyway, have a great Holiday and I will see you around the island of Maui!  

Love to all!

Been busy re-recording and fine tuning some of my songs.  Really fun to play with the mix and sounds.  Also putting some new material down for recording within the next week or two.  Lots of good acoustic, melodic tunes.  I am focusing on the sound of the guitars and bass, while keeping it basic and not too fancy.  I want the vocals to ring true and blend with the acoustic sound from the 12-string.  Challenging and rewarding!  Stay tuned for more and check out the new sounds from the existing songs!  Thanks everybody!

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