Aloha!  Hope everybody had an awesome summer!  Can feel a change in the air!  I have been approached by some very experienced musicians who want to work with me in the band.  Going to be amazing, I think!  The practice was absolutely insanely good!  Wow!  Working on our first gig at Diamonds in Kihei!  Just need to tie down the date.  Also, the solo thing is going very well.  Playing for the Lahaina Arts Society pretty regularly and helping with the sound and Terri's jewelry while learning to weave chain maille myself!  Tedious and yet somehow calming in a, "I want to beat you with a battle axe" sort of way!  Stay tuned for more updates and some new upcoming music!  Both with the band and more acoustic sounds!  


We played at Bully's way out in Kanaio on the backside of Maui!  What fun!  Took all the sound gear, hooked up to a generator, set up under a tin roof next to the pig pen (really!) and let her rip! Had scores of people stopping to hear and see what was going on, our club was hanging and partying!  The best part was closing with "Sympathy for the Devil" with an unreal sunset in the background and 20 people dancing in the road stopping traffic!  Nice!  CAnnot wait for next time!  Aloha!

Aloha!  Update for my gigs and such!  In addition to playing for the artists and guests of the Lahaina Arts Society under the Banyan Tree, I am adding a Hawaiian music portion to the festivities.  If you roll in around noon, I am playing a selection of traditional hulas for Koana and her Hula friends.  I am really looking forward to this.  It goes back to my roots when I was a kid, I learned a lot of traditional Hawaiian songs from my 4th grade teacher who was from Hawaii.  That's when I started playing the ukelele at about age 8 or 9.  Wow, these songs really bring back some memories!  Mahalo Ms. Fenton! 

Aloha everybody!  Frank and I are sitting down starting tomorrow and reinventing our sound and approach.  We are putting together new set lists to key in on different venues and requests.  A part of this is taking Old Blues Standards, like "Killing Floor" by Howling Wolf, and twisting them to our style and adding a modern twist.  We are taking our music and efforts to a whole new level with this approach and want to challenge ourselves and our fans!  So far, the response is very very positive!  Sweet!  More soon!


Again a really great day in Lahaina playing under the Banyan Tree for the Lahaina Arts Society!  They are all so nice and supportive! Got some great feedback and met some cool people from Costa Rica and Seattle!  Thank you Carlos for helping me get the speaker back up and running again!  The band is starting to get some calls for more gigs!  Looks like June is going to get busy!  I'll post dates and times as I confirm them!  Some changes coming in the wind too!  Stay tuned!!!


Aloha y'all!

Wow!  It's finally done!  I just posted Big Strong Woman Blues!  Was so much fun putting it all together!  Too amped to go to sleep or eat, so, guess I'll have a shot and a beer to celebrate!!  Woohoo!!!!

Aloha gang,

Building displays and racks for Terri, my wife, for her upcoming Show at the prestigious, yearly Seabury Hall Crafts Fair.  Busy, busy, so not too much time to put in on the studio.  Need to finish up three more songs and then I will be putting out my first official CD.  I think by the end of June as it is going now.  Got some great ideas for the next CD already.  Bluesy, rock kind of stuff.  But still thinking of the folk rock movement!  All is hot and muggy here in paradise right now.  Thinking about running down to the ocean and jumping in!  Laterz!!

Had a dream last night that I have to share!  I was sitting on the stage at the Ryman and talking to Woody Guthrie.  He was challenging me to go out into the world and start a movement to renew the interest in folk music like he, Pete Seeger, Arlo, Joan Baez and others played in the 60's.  Said the time was right for people to rediscover their roots and become socially aware.  Relevance, he said, is important today as it was then.  Boy, talk about a crazy dream, or, maybe not a dream?  Anyway, the whole folk music thing has always been part of my music even when I am onstage screaming rock songs!  So, I may kinda go with the dream and lean a bit more toward the folk, folk/rock thing!  Join me!

Well, putting new strings on the 12-string and getting the set list together for this Saturday's gig in Lahaina.  Talked to some great people this week on the boat.  May be considering heading to Vancouver for a blues festival in July.  We will see, also on the horizon, a trip to San Diego to see the kids and, if lucky, play in the San Diego IndieFest!  Huge fun!  See you all soon!  Laterz!

So here it is!  Rainy Weather just got uploaded to my website.  Take a listen and enjoy.  I wrote this song a very long time ago when I was living in the mountains above San Diego (beautiful place, by the way).  I was missing my life on the ocean so much at that time, so I wrote this song as a sort of happy lament.  I updated it and made it more modern and fun!  Listen and join in!


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