Aloha!  I have just finished "Ouija Brown" and posted it on the site, Facebook, and Reverbnation.  So, give it a listen and see how much you like it!  Drop me an email and we'll chat! So far, the feedback has been pretty good!  Awesome!  That is so very cool!  Thank you all!

This Sunday, I will be playing from 10 to 11 am under the Banyan Tree in Lahaina for the Lahaina Arts Society!  Gonna be fun!  Gotta leave the rock, blues harder stuff at home and make the 12-string sing!  Come hang out and check out the local artists!


WOW!!  Things are starting to happen fast!  We will be playing in April at the SteelHorse for Lisa, date to be confirmed.  And, I just talked to Misha at the Sports Page in Kihei where we may be playing on Fridays if all works out!  In addition to that, our summer gig at Bully's Burgers is in the works. I have requested July 28th and am waiting to hear back from Paige.  Loved playing out there! What a total party!  Plus the burgers are off the chart!

So, lots in the works!  I will keep you all posted here and on our calendar.  So keep checking back!  Love you all!




So, check out the new version (ongoing process) of "Green Canyons"!  Have to add some strings and then Master it!  Love the new mic! Got a MXL 990! Sweet!

So Excited! I will be playing underneath the Banyan Tree for the Lahaina Arts Society!  Times are kinda open but I will be there a couple of times a month to support the artists and provide "ambience" for our visitors!  Should be lotsa fun.  Check the calendar for dates as they come up!  Laterz!

Well, here I am!  A new website and lots of new actions!  I am pursuing more of a solo thing focusing on my acoustic work and song writing!  Love the stories!  I will bring in some friends for playing and having fun as we go!  Just heard I may be playing under the Banyan Tree for the Lahaina Arts Society!  Cool!  

The biggest thing right now is my work on a new album, CD.  I have a dozen or so new songs that I am going crazy over making the arrangements and sounds just right.  Quite a mix, if I do say so myself!  They range in styles from folk to rock, to blues to, whatever! Sheesh!  Lots of work, but totally totally worth every second.  I have put some examples of the rough cuts on the site so you can hear what is to come and give me some feedback.  Feel free to download them, share with friends and let me know what you think!  That is very important to me!  

Updates to come, so stay tuned, you all!

Aloha from Maui,


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