I am so excited!  Just finished a collaboration with Derrik ($Bags) Brown, a hip hop artist from Minneapolis, Like Water Entertainment.  He heard me singing under the Banyan Tree and we hooked up right there.  His new release is going to be called, "The World to Me" titled after the lyrics I wrote for the song.  It represents the latest trend in collaboration between two distinctly different styles and i must say, crazy exciting along the designs of Eminem and Rihanna.  We finished filming some shots for the music video down on the Black Sand Beach at sunset!  Thanks to the production team of my daughter, Val, and her video and sound guys, Jah and Josh!  True pros!  I cannot wait for the final mix down and music to be mastered!  I will preview it here and on my Facebook Page as well as all over iTunes, YouTube, and local radio stations!  More later!  


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