Welcome, E Komo Mai!

I have been involved in music since I can remember!  Choir and violin lessons as a kid, musicals, barbershop quartets, opera, you name it.  I did the folk music thing in the 60's, the rock thing in the 70's (I skipped disco, sorry), and up to where I'm at now. I am following a passionate need to be involved in music at any level.

Being so involved in music here on Maui, I have been asked numerous times to perform more traditional, Bob Dylan type of folk music.  As a result, I find more and more people are very interesting in hearing this genre.  And the political climate also supports more of the type of music that says things, that has meaning! 

I am recording my own songs, playing others' songs, and learning how to play producer. So much to do!! This site has lots of areas to explore!  Gain insight into my somewhat twisted personality. Grab some music, check the blog section so you can keep up with my adventures, contact me in the event that you want to book a gig, chat, give me some feedback, rant, whatever!

A life spent on the ocean, and under it, and a passion for music and creativity are what keep me inspired and loving what I do.  When I am not captaining a dive charter boat, I am in my studio, or at a gig, or riding on my motorcycle with some of my colorful friends!

So, just sit back and enjoy!  Hope to see you again and again!