Ouija Brown

Dan Saunders
Dan Saunders


This song came about from an open mic night we were hosting at Life's A Beach in Maui.  I started playing this riff on my 12-string and somebody said it sounded like a Cajun kind of song.  So, now it is!  The story is about on old Swamp woman who is a voodoo queen who's name is "Ouija Brown".  Don't mess with her!!


Ouija Brown

Dan Saunders



She lives out where the swamp gas glows

And the gators greet you with a smile

There's things that crawl and things that fly

Dark spirits roam the night


Oh, that Ouija Brown

Black magic voodoo mama take you down

If you see that Ouija Brown

Better run, better hide 'cause boy she gonna take you down


They say that she's a voodoo queen

And you better know she's wicked mean

Cast her spells when the sun goes down

And they call her Ouija Brown


v3 Talk

Okay boys let's take it down a notch

I gotta story to tell

Two good ol' boys went out one night

Way out into the swamp

On a double dog dare they went out there

And disappeared clean outta sight


And on cloudless nights when the moon is full

And the hair stands up on your neck

They say that you can hear their screams

And feel black magic there


So don't go in the swamp tonight

When Ouija Brown's on the prowl

'Cause boy, boy, boy She gonna take you down